Product development &pre-production:


When starting a new project, through email or video phone call, we will communicate with you to understand your requirements. About the feasibility of product design and actual production as well as relevant suggestions, and then we will work out a detailed cost budget.

If you would like to adjust the design, we will provide updated cost budget in time.
At this initial stage, we will:
1)   Evaluate the structure of product and make choice of suitable materials (paper, metal, wood, plastic, fabric, etc.) which can be well matched to each other; Optimize the structure of components; Offer professional engineering drawings and quotation.
2)Regarding to the printing document, we will carefully check whether your documents are correcton the computer according to previous confirmed information. If there is no problem, we will make the CTP file for your confirmation.Then we will make the white sample, digital sample.If there are special requirements, we will also make colored samples on the machine. Meanwhile, the tooling will also be produced.
3)Provide complete final sample for your approval.
4)Essential safety tests of products will be conducted internally and final product testing will be arranged in internationally recognized laboratories if necessary.
5)Safe transportation: requisite backing will be added and well-designed protective structure to prevent productsfrom damage in transit.
6) Make assembly instructions and instruction file for assembly.
7) The documents will be adjusted on the basis of production requirements and the full set of technical documents will be prepared in advance.
Only after the above-mentioned samples are confirmedcan we start mass production. Our professional staffs will monitor the quality of the production process in accordance with the company's requirements. Theparts of different materials will be manufactured in different specialized factories simultaneously, and finally joined together for assembly. During the whole process, we will supervise the process to ensure all the components can be finished on time.QC will also go to every factory to check. And we conduct one more quality inspection of parts before final assembly. In this process, you only need to wait patiently for your products come to reality.
Make sealed samples and check pointsfor each product; QC will carefully comparecolor, shape, size and appearance, function, etc. QC will follow-up the production status of the factory during the semi-production period. After completion of packaging, the final inspection will be carried out again. Only approved goods passing the inspection can be transported.
Shipping and storage:
After your productsare assembled, we are able to:
-Store products in our warehouse of 10,000 square meters
-Arrange international logistics
-Arrange sorting, repacking and then delivering to your retailer or wholesaler
Project Manager & Consulting:
When starting a project, we will assign a project manager to contact you. If you have any questions, please feel free toconsult him. We will help you find the best solution. If it is not within our scope of business, we can also help you to select the other right suppliers.